Pinewood Bay Arena

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Pinewood Bay Arena

Post by Shady_Warlock » Wed Jun 26, 2019 2:26 pm

Now open for PVP battles, the Pinewood Bay arena.
Battle in various forms of battle. You can choose from:
  • unarmed
  • Stone Swords
  • stone swords and shield
  • Iron Swords
  • iron equipped Battle(full iron armor and iron sword)
  • Diamond Swords
  • Diamond Equipped Battle (full diamond armor set, with diamond sword)
    or spice it up with a team battle, 2v2 or 3v3 in one of the before mentioned categories (if enough players are willing to join)
Due to it being an unclaimed area, it is bring your own equipment. There are chests available to store your stuff
you won't need for the battle for a while and can pick up after the battle is finished.

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Re: Pinewood Bay Arena

Post by DinowCookie » Wed Jun 26, 2019 3:06 pm

Looking great Shady :D nice to see a new arena rise up in the world!

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